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how to control cuckold

How to control the cuckold movie

Brianna is entertaining her friend, Mistress Kierra. She offers to show Kierra how to exert full control over a cuckold husband. She slaps her cuckold in the face repeatedly and leads him in on a ball leash. Then she begins kicking the slut in his balls. Brianna grabs the slut's aching balls and leads him around the room by them. "This is how to control a husband." She laughs. Then she puts the cuckold on his knees and offers his balls to Kierra. The ladies have a blast busting this slut's balls and slapping his face. Brianna is in her glory, showing off ability to humble a husband in the cruelest of ways.




Megan's cuckold

Megan's cuckold is pimped out movie

Megan laughs at her cuckold slut when he asks that she budget. Megan is happy with her life style and will not go on a budget. Instead, she puts her cuckold husband in drag and on his knees. She wonders if the slut's little mouth will make enough money for her to have a pedicure. She is soon to find out. Megan has decided to pimp cuck's other money making hole out. She has sold his bed and replaced it with a cage. She is keeping him in chastity and 24/7 slavery. Her cuckold husband made her enough money for a pedicure by giving $10 blow jobs, but Megan wants a full day at the spa. She steps up her price by offering her slut's ass for the taking. Megan watches as her slut has his first ass fucking from an eager john.




Slap his face movie

Brianna takes her play toy husband out of his cage. She wants to have fun. She begins slapping his face with her gloved hand. The husband's face turns bright red. Brianna smiles. She instructs her cuck to kiss her hand. Then she removes her gloves and starts slapping his face with her bare hands. Brianna shoves the slut to the ground and keeps right on slapping him in his face. She doesn't stop until his face is bright red and on fire.




cuckold clean up

Cuckold clean up movie

Colby brings a new lover home. She tells her sissy husband to lube up her stud's bick cock. Colby smiles as her obedient cuckold deep throats the stud's big cock. Colby puts her subby hubby on his knees by the foot of the bed. She wants him to watch her enjoy a real man with a huge cock. Colby enjoys humbling her cuckold husband as much as she enjoys the sex with her well hung stud. When the stud is ready to cum, Colby tells him to cum all over her pussy. She wants to watch as her sissy cuckold husband licks her pussy clean.




cock lock

Cock lock movie

Eden has brought a girlfriend home with her. She shows off her chastity bound husband to her new girlfriend. Eden licks the chastity device and strokes it. She laughs. Her husband can't feel a think through his cock cage. Eden and her girlfriend make out as the chastised slave watches. The ladies are enjoying tormented the frustrated slave husband. Eden runs her finger through her girlfriend's wet pussy and runs it under her husband's nose. "Enjoy the smell. It is as close as you will be getting." Eden teases her husband with the key to his cock lock. She has no plans on letting him out any time soon.




spit cum cuckold

Spit cum cuckold movie

Megan and Colby enjoy humiliating their male bitch. They lead him around on a collar and leash. Then Megan begins spitting on the bitch's face. Colby joins in. They drench his face and spit right into his mouth. Their slave can't help but enjoy their attention. When Megan notices that the bitch is actually getting a stiffy she laughs at him. The ladies demands that the slut jerk off on the floor. When the slut shoots his load all over the place, the ladies spit into it and make him lick up their spit and his own cum.




foot cuckold

Foot cuckold lick it up movie

Colby brings her new foot slave. She likes his big cock. She will be training him to cum by her stocking feet. Colby has her sissy cuckold standing by as she taunts the foot slave with her soft soles and high arches. As soon as her new foot bitch cums, her cuckold husband will be licking her stocking feet clean.




foot licking cuckold

Foot licking cuckold movie

Colby has just finished having sex with her stud. They want to go out for dinner but their feet are dirty. She calls in her sissy cuckold to clean both of their feet. Colby kisses her lover as her obedient cuckold husband licks her and her lovers feet. She has taught her sissy well.




cum loving cuckold

Cum loving cuckold

The wife is taking her boyfriend home for the first time. She phones her sissy maid cuckold husband and reminds him how to greet her lover. "Be on your knees with your mouth open!" She wants her sissy cuckold to take care of her lover's first load so she can fuck him all night long. The wife supervises as her sissy cuckold obediently deep throats her stud's giant cock. The boyfriend cums all over her sissy's face and in his mouth. As cum drips down her subby hubby's face, she instructs him, "When the moaning stops come into the bedroom. I will need you to clean us up." she smiles. She has taught her cuck well.




her cuckold assistant

Her cuckold assistant movie

Ashley informs her cuckold that she loves to give head to her stud but she doesn't like the taste of cum. She will be needing assistance. Ashely puts her cuckold husband  on his back and tells him to keep his mouth open. The hole on the cuck's face will be a good place to spit the stud's filth. Ashely devours the stud's cock. She appreciates the huge size. Giant dicks are so much fun. When the stud blows his load, Ashely spits it into her cuckold's eager lips. She watchs as her obedient cuckold husband swallows every ounce of the huge load.











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training of a cuckold

Cuckold training movie

Mistress Charity has decided to gift her cuckold with the taste of her pussy. There is, however, one catch. The cuckold must lick her pussy juices off her boyfriend's cock. Charity enjoys putting her cuckold husband in his proper place as he is made to watch her enjoy her lover's huge dick. She smiles as her stud shoves his dick down her cuck's throat. Charity rides her studs cock until they both cum hard. Then she instructs her cuckold to lick the lover's cum from her pussy. "The only time you will get to put your tongue on my pussy is when you are eating another man's cum out of it." She tells him.




eager foot cuckold

Eager foot cuckold movie

While Mistress Sunset enjoys the pleasure of fucking her stud cock, her cuckold is busy at work kissing and massaging her feet. The cuckold is so eager and excited to serve that he actually kisses the studs feet several times, much to his humiliation. His foot duties done, the cuck is dismissed - to go wash and clean the stud's car while he fucks the cuck's Mistress. Such is the life of a lowly cuckold husband.




training the sissy cuckold

Training the sissy cuckold movie

Hot wife Holly orders her sissy cuckold maid to clean off her stud's cock with his duster, then suck it with his mouth. She grabs him by the head, forcing him to deep throat the huge cock, then she grabs the stud's cock to make sure he shoots right in the cuckold maid's face. Of course, being a good cuckold sissy maid, he has to suck all the cum off Mistress Holly's fingers, the stud's cock - and the floor.




all over cuckold's face

All over cuckold's face movie

Goddess Brianna has her cuckold slave locked into a bondage device with his leg over his head. She puts a dental gag in the cuckold slave's mouth to hold it open. If this bitch wants to cum...he will cum alright...all over his face and in his mouth. Brianna pulls the cum right out of the reluctant male bitch. She laughs as she squirts it all over his face. Then she feeds him the leftovers.




well trained cuckold

Well trained cuckold movie

Mistress Megan has instructed her cuckold husband to clean her parlor and then wait on his knees for her arrival. When Megan arrives home with her boyfriend, she is pleased to see her faithful cuckold waiting on his knees. The cuckold has even made drinks for Mistress and her lover. Megan proceeds to enjoy her lover's huge cock. She can't help but to tease her faithful cuckold with the key to his chastity device. Every time Megan orgasms , she flashes the chastity key to her cuck. She is cruel like that. After Megan's stud has cum in her pussy, she instructs her cuckold husband to lay down on his back. With a load like that, Megan's slut is going to be eating cum all night.




boot cuckold intercourse

Boot cuckold intercourse movie

Mistress Holly has conditioned her cuckold slave to respond only to her boots. The only way the slut will cum is by licking and humping her boots. She even allows the bitch to have "intercourse" with her boots. Holly laughs as her cuckold husband cums all over boots. This bitch has been taught his proper role well. Once the slut shoots his nasty male filth all over Mistress Holly's boots, she demands that he lick them clean.




Holly's cuckold toy

Holly's cuckold toy movie

Mistress Holly has her cuckold's balls on a rode. She puts him on her knees and tells him to lube up her pussy with his tongue. She chides the cuckold about how much he loves the smell of her pussy. Holly knows the cuck would love to be the one fucking her but that is not his place. She brings her stud and fucks his brains out. She enjoys his huge hard cock. The first time she cums, she rubs her pussy juices under her cuckold's nose. "Too bad you can't fuck me." She laughs. As Holly cums again, she grabs the rope and tighens up on the cuck's balls. She loves torturing her cuckold husband's balls as he is made to watch her enjoy another man. When her stud cums and shoots a huge load in her pussy, Holly calls her cuck over. She grabs her cuckold by the back of his head and holds his face down as he licks her pussy clean.




foot faithful cuckold

Foot fathful cuckold movie

Wife Sklyer and her stud have had a grand day. They are now relaxing by the pool enjoying martinis. Their feet have become quite soiled from the garden close by. They haven't even noticed how dirty their feet are but Sklyer's faithful cuckold husband has. As Mistress and her stud sip their drinks and flirt with each other, the loyal cuck licks their feet clean. As the cuckold is careful to lick in between both Mistress and her stud's toes. The cuck's tongue is soon covered in dirt. He does his best to swallow their feet, cleaning their soles and heels. The couple do not even acknowledge the cuckold husband. After all, he is just doing his job.




lucky little cuckold

Lucky little cuckold movie

Mistress Sklyer has just had her cuckold blow her stud. The cum is still dripping down the cuck's face when Skyler tells the slut that she is going to fuck the stud now. "Mistress...."The cuckold stammers, "I love you so much. I pay all of your bills. You are the center of my life. Why can't I...?" Sklyer can't believe what she is hearing. "Why can't you fuck me?" She laughs. "I will show you why!" Skyler brings her stud over and compares his cock to the cuckold's tiny one. "This is what you want to please me with me?" She asks. "Now, kiss my stud's cock." She instructs. The cuckold husband looks at the stud, "Please, satisfy my Mistress,"He asks and then he kisses the huge dick. Skyler is horny. She pushes her stud onto the bed and rides his big cock hard. She pulls her cuckold over and tells him to lick her clit as she fucks her stud. Sklyer has a shaking orgasm. She wants more. She keeps on riding her stud and shoves her cuck's face into her ass. She cums even harder as the cuckold licks her ass hole. After she has been completely satisfied she instructs her cuckold husband to lick her lover's cum out of her pussy. "Don't feel bad." She tells him. "You are lucky to be in my life at all."




proper cuckold

Proper cuckold movie

The wife has brought a new stud home. She tells her chastity bound cuckold she has a present for him. The wife instructs the cuck to lube up her stud's huge cuck, making sure he deep throats it. When she is satisfied that the cock is lubed, she pushes the cuck's face into her pussy, "Get me nice and wet." She says. Then she fucks her stud as her cuckold kneels in wait. The wife has trained this bitch well. He knows that he will be licking cum out of his Mistress's pussy.When she is satisfied that her cuck has done a good job, she tells him, "Take that little locked up cock of yours into the kitchen and make me some dinner."

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cum on the cuckold

Cum on the cuckold movie

Goddess Ashley gets off on humiliating her cuckold. She bends the cuckold over and pumps his ass with her strap on dick. As she fucks her cuck's ass, she demands that he suck her stud's cock. Ashley pushes the cuck's head down on the stud's cock smiling as he is forced to deep throat the huge cock. As Ashley pounds the bitch's ass the stud blows his load all over the cuck's face. Ashley smiles and forces the cuckold to lick the cum from his face.




foot control of the cuckold

Foot controled cuckold movie

Mistress Alexis enjoys the control her stocking feet have over her cuckold slave. She likes to shame him for being such shameless foot sluts. She teases and taunts her cuckold husband with her stocking feet. Then she strokes his cock until he spills his male filth all over himself. Alexis smiles. It's the only way her foot cuckold gets to have a release.




tea bagging the cuckold

Tea bagging the cuckold movie

Goddess Ashley has trained her boyfriend to be an obedient cuckold. She has the slut dressed as a maid and cleaning her house when her new bull arrives. Ashley takes great pleasure in fucking her bull in front of her cuckolded boyfriend. She gets so turned on by it that she starts fucking the stud right over her cuck's face. Ashley laughs as her pussy juices run down the stud's cock and drip onto the humiliated cuckold's face. The more turned on, Ashly more wants to humilate her sissy cuckold. She demands that the cuck suck her studs balls as he fucks her. When Ashely's stud shoots a huge load her pussy, guess who cleans it up? Ashely doesn't stop there. She demands that her cuckold lick her stud's cock clean and thank him for pleasing his girlfriend.




cuckold creampie

Cuckold creampie movie

Alexis brings a black stud home. She has been horny for a while now and is in the mood to fuck all night. She is pleased to see that her thoughtful cuckold is waiting by her bedside, complete with tray of drinks. Alexis is mean spirited. She cannot help but taunt her cuckold with her lover's huge black cock. Then she mounts her stud and fucks him long and hard. She demands that hers cuck watches. After all, it is the only way he will ever be able to see her cum. He certainly can't do it himself. After the stud has shot a huge load in Alexis's pussy, she puts the cuckold husband on his knees and watches, smugly, as he licks up every bit of the her stud's cum.




little dicked cuckold

Little dicked cuckold eats cum movie

Slave little dick ordered a mail order bride. He thought that maybe he could overcome his inadequacy with a sweet woman who didn't know any better. However, it didn't take long for his bride to discover his stash of Cuckold magazines and educate herself. In addition to embracing the FemDom lifestyle she is outraged that her husband tried to pull such a scam. She painstakingly compares his tiny cocklett to two huge cocks. She is amazed that he thought she'd never notice. After all, his dicklet is the size of her pinky finger. To drive her point home, she jerks off one of the big cocks into her hand and demands that her cuckold husband lick up the cum.




shocking the sissy cuckold

Shocking the sissy cuckold movie

Mistress Victoria has left her sissy maid cuckold cleaning her house while she has been out partying. She brings back a stud to fuck, but wants to see him blow a load on the cuck's face first. To make sure the sissy complies, Victoria takes out the remote control to the electroshock device locked around the cuckold's balls. Whenever the sissy does not suck well enough, he gets a shock to the balls. Victoria just laughs as her stud blows a load on the cuck's face, then she makes the sissy curtsy to her as a thank you, shocking the sissy cuckold until he gets it right.




boot cuckold

Boot cuckold movie

Mistress Hailey has decided to let her boot bitch cuckold cum on her boots - but she wants them tongue cleaned spotless first. The cuckold slave cleans every inch of her boots, including the bottoms, with his tongue, then is allowed to fuck between Hailey's gorgeous red boots. Hailey grants the slave permission to cum, then supervises as the cuckold must once again tongue clean her boots - but this time it is his own cum he must swallow.




cuckold gets pumped

Cuckold gets pumped movie

Ashley bends her cuckold over and fucks his little love hole as her stud pumps his hard cock into his mouth. Ashley and her stud enjoy pumping the cuckold full of their cock. When the stud shoots a load into the cuck's mouth, Ashley makes him lick up every drop.




taste of her sex life

A taste of her sex life movie

Dom Wife has had her cuckold slave in long term chastity and wants to see what he would do to earn his key. Ashley has her cuckold husband stand by her bed while she fucks her stud, pulling on his chastity belt with a leash while she gets pounded. She orders the cuckold slave beneath her while she fucks her bull, who cums inside her. The wife scoops up the cum from her pussy and drips it into the cuck's mouth as she laughs. "Like your little taste of my sex life", she giggles at the totally distraught cuckold slave.




cuckold's dick

Cuckold's dick movie

A loving wife tells her cuckold that he will never enjoy her pussy again and, to drive home the point, wipes her pussy juices under his nose. "Enjoy the smell. It is the closest you will get to my pussy from now on!"

But the cuckold's humiliation is far from over. Amanda has her stud enter the room and orders the cuck to compare his penis size to the stud's. "Your cock is so small it is like a toy", Amanda giggles at the cuckold. Amanda then mounts her stud, riding him to an orgasm while the pathetic cuck just looks on, wishing he could have the pussy that was once his. But all he is going to get from that pussy is the stud's cum to eat.










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let's fuck the cuckold

Let's fuck the cuckold movie

Brianna is delighted with how her recently converted cuckold husband is accepting his new role in her life. She decides to drive the point home by fucking him in the ass with a strap on cock as her lover face fucks the cuck with his huge cock. Brianna wants there to be no misunderstanding about the cuckold's new role in her life. He is no longer her lover. He will never fuck her again. His ass and mouth will be used at Brianna's whim for entertainment purposes. Brianna drives her black cock deep into her new cuck's fuck hole. He smiles as her cuckold struggles to deep throat her lover's dick. To Brianna's delight, her lover pulls out of her cuck's mouth and shoots a huge load all over the cuck's face. Brianna is pleased with her cuck's first facial. There will be many more to come.




Cuckold's conversion movie


Brianna has grown bored with her husband as he no longer pleases her in bed. The husband, desperate not to lose Brianna, has agreed to do anything to stay with her. Since he is very efficient with housework, Brianna has decided to see if he can be fully converted into her cuckold. Brianna decides to put this bitch to the test and see if he is worth keeping around. She brings home a lover. She informs the bitch that he is no longer her husband but her cuckold slave. Brianna's cuck will be expected to eat her lover's cum out of her pussy and even suck her lover's cock on demand. Brianna instructs her new cuckold to suck her lover's huge dick and get it hard. She watches to make sure that he does a good job. Then Brianna fucks her well hung lover, as her cuck waits on his knees, ready to be of service again. After Brianna's stud blows a huge load into her pussy, she calls her new cuck over. Brianna opens her legs and watches as her cuckold husband licks every bit of cum out of her pussy. Brianna is pleased. She just may be keeping this male bitch around after all.




cuckold's orgy

Cuckold's orgy movie

Brianna has brought a new lover home. Her faithful cuck has prepared his Mistress's bed and is kneeling obediently as Brianna brings her lover into the bedroom. Brianna is delighted that her lover has a huge cock. She rides him like a race horse. They fuck in every different position possible. Brianna looks down at the cuckold after her third orgasm, "This is a perfect orgy for a cuckold." She laughs. The stud starts to cum inside of Brianna's pussy. She asks him to pull out and shoot his load all over her instead. What a huge load it is. Brianna calls her cuckold husband over and demands that he lick the cum off her pussy and stomach. Then she stands up and scoops a handful of cum from inside her pussy. She tells her cuck that he isn't finished as she feeds him every last drop of her stud's cum. "Now clean me up before you launder the sheets." Brianna says as the cuckold begins licking and toweling the sweat from her back.




Briana's cuckold

Brianna's cuckold - movie

Mistress Brianna has a date for the evening. She is relaxing in a bubble bath as her cuckold kneels, ready to be of service. Brianna wiggles her toes at the cuck, motioning him to lick them. Then she stands up and spreads her lovely ass checks. She instructs her cuckold husband to smell her ass. She wants to know if it is perfectly clean. For safe measures, Brianna tells her slave to lick her ass hole. She wants him to get his tongue deep inside to be sure it is perfectly clean. Then she steps out of the tub and the cuckold obediently dries his Mistress's back. Brianna tells the slave that while she is on her date, he is to prepare her bedroom with fresh sheets and chilled champagne.




best sex you never had

Best sex you never had movie 

Mistress Leah has her chastity slave tied to her bed. She has had the slave in chastity for a solid month. The slave's balls are swollen and aching. He wants a release so badly that his entire body aches. Leah is amused with the slave's suffering. She licks the chastity device, as if giving him a blow job. Of course the slave, his cock locked into a thick chastity device, cannot feel a thing. Leah dangles the key in front of the chastity slave and then mounts his chastity locked dick. She rides the slut, fucking his chastity device. Leah rides the slut until her pussy juices are running down the slut's tormented cock. Then, in an act of pure cruelty, she runs her finger through wet pussy and wipes her juices under the slave's nose. She tells her chastity bitch that he can enjoy her scent all night. Then she goes out for the evening.




sissy cuckold

Sissy cuckold movie

Eva arrives home with a new boyfriend. She calls in her sissy cuckold and informs the little bitch that she has been fucking her stud all night. " Your credit card has been buying us drinks all night " She tells the slut. " I want you to show my stud what a good ass licker and cocksucker you are." Eva demands that her sissy cuckold licks the stud's asshole. Then she tells her sissy cuck to lick the stud's balls and thank him for fucking her. Eva watches as her cuckold husband sucks the stud's cock. " Can you taste my pussy juice on my studs cock? " She asks " That's as close as you'll ever get " Eva makes her sissy bitch swallow her stud's cum and makes the little whore thank her for the privilage.




present for the cuckold

Present for the cuckold movie

Brandy arrives home from her vacation with a special present for her cuckold. "I had so much fun on my vacation that you paid for. I had a different man every night. They fucked me everyway possible, not like you." Brandy hands her cuck the present. He is excited that she was actually kind enough to think of him. He opens the package to find it filled with the used condoms of her lovers. Brandy instructs him to empty all the condoms on the floor. She tells him to jerk off his pathetic cock into the puddle of her lovers cum." I want you to spooge your worthless juices in there." As he jerks she tells him he is not well endowed like the others. That is why she has so many other studs. They know how to satisfy her unlike her pathetic cuckold. After he cums she makes him mix it all together. "Clean it up like the bitch you are!" She demands. She steps in the male filth and makes him lick it off the bottom of her shoe. After he is finished, she asks if he enjoyed the flavor and laughs at him.




it's a cuckold's job

It's a cuckold's job movie

Brandy calls her cuckold into her bedroom. She puts him on her bed and raises her dress. She tells him how horny she is. She straddles her cuckold and rubs her pussy on his chastity device. Then she rides the chastity device, pleasuring herself. She fingers the cuck's chastity key and muses over how there is pussy juice running over his enclosed dick but he cannot feel it. As much as Brandy enjoys taunting her chasity cuckold slave, she is still horney. She needs satisfication from a real man. Brandy leaves for the evening and returns with a stud. He has a huge cock. Brandy once again puts the cuckold on the bed. She fucks her stud right over the cuck's face. Brandy laughs as pussy juice and pre cum drip on her slave's face. Brandy instructs the cuckold to tell her stud why he isn't fucking her himself. The humilated cuck informs the stud that his dick is too small to be of use. Brandy rides the huge cock cumming several times over. When the stud is ready to blow Brandy tells him to cum on her tits. The stud shoots a surprisingly large load all over Brandy's tits. Then Brandy demands that the cuckold lick all of her stud's cum off her tits. Brandy is now completely satisified. She tells her cuckold to change the sheets and straighten her bedroom as she heads out to relax with her stud.







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cuckold facial

Cuckold facial movie

Shay has turned her husband into a cuckold. She brings a stud with a huge cock home. She shows off her stud's boner and informs her cuckold that this cock is for him. Shay proceeds to jerk off the stud's huge cock all over her cuck's face. The stud shoots a huge load. Shay demands that her cuckold husband lick his lips and stretch his tongue to get every drop. Then she tells him to go outside and wash her stud's car. "No washing your face first!" She demands. When the cuckold has gone outside to wash the stud's car, Shay picks up the phone and calls a neighbor. "Carol, look outside right now. Oh my gosh, you won't believe this. You have to see this for yourself....Yes, that is cum dripping down his face!"




full service cuckold

Full service cuckold

Eden has an insatiable sexual appetite. It takes two men to please her: a stud with a huge cock and an attentive cuckold with a soft tongue. She gets turned on watching her cuckold husband deep throat her lovers huge cock. Eden and the stud start fucking as the cuck kneels below them, keeping them lubed with his tongue. When Eden's stud blows a huge load all over her pussy, Eden brings her cuckold over and opens her legs. She has trained her cuckold husband well.




foot cuckold's job

Foot cuckold's job

Brianna and Lexi bring lead in one of their well hung slaves by a cock leash."Look at this huge cock," Brianna tells her tiny dicked foot cuckold. You can watch while we milk this huge cock with our feet. The ladies stroke the big dick with her toes and embrace the cock with their soft warm arches. Lexi takes particular delight as the tiny dicked cuckold is made to watch what he will never have. Then they begin stroking the cock with long deliberate strokes. The huge cock explodes all over their feet. The attention turns to the foot cuckold. Brianna and Lexi wiggle their cum covered toes. "Do you job," Brianna demands. As the cuckold goes to work, licking up the cum , Brianna smiles and says "That cum is full of lots of vitamins, lick them all up and maybe your cock will grow! "




stomp out balls

Stomp out balls

Cuckold's wife Jean Bardot and her friend Brianna have him locked into a trample box with his balls helplessly displayed before him. They are going to trample the slut's balls while he is forced to watch. The ladies are absolutely vicious as they stomp this slut's balls.




birthday gift for cuckold

Birthday gift for cuckold husband movie 

Eden has arranged for a special present for her McKenzie's birthday. She leads her into the room where a slave husband waits on his knees. The male bitch has been fitted with a dildo strapped to his chin and an electronic shocker around his balls. The bitch has been in chastity for weeks, in preparation for McKenzie's birthday. Eden shows McKenzie the remote control for the balls shocker. "This is so much fun." She says, pushing the button and frying the bitch's balls. McKenzie is eager to try out her new slave. Eden keeps her finger hot on the remote as McKenzie face fucks the slave. This bitch's job isn't complete until McKenzie's pussy juices are running down his face. As McKenzie has a long hard orgam, Eden sends a jolt to the slave's balls lest he think his job is finished. She informs the bitch that before the night is over, he better be drowning in pussy juice. This is McKenzie's best birthday yet.




cum covered cuckold

Cum covered cuckold movie

Caseys's and her boyfriend have been out on the town. They fucked in the bathroom of each night club they went to. Casey has been collecting a pussy full of cum for her chastity cuckold, who is waiting at home. Casey has ordered the cuck to be at her beside when she returns home with her well hung boyfriend. Nothing turns Casey on more than humiliating her cuckold husband while she enjoys a big dick. Casey arrives home and sits on her cuck's face. She instructs her cuckold to clean all of her stud's cum out of her pussy. She smiles, knowing her cuckold husband has multiple loads to clean up. Then she takes down her stud's pants and shows her cuck the huge cock she is going to enjoy. She sucks her boyfriend's dick as she watches her cuck squirm. Her cuckold husband has been locked in a chastity device for weeks. Casey is so cruel. She is getting off on putting her cuck in his lowly place. Casey gets a mouth full of precum and spits it into her cuck's mouth. When Casey makes the big cock cum, she holds it in her mouth and then showers her cuck's face with it. Casey' cuckold is covered in her lover's cum as his own dicklet is locked into a chastity device. Oh, Casey loves it. Owning a cuckold husband is so much fun.




chastity slave

Chastity slave makes good lover movie

Brittany is in a particularly cruel mood today. She has her chastity slave husband tied to a bed. She teases him without mercy, dangling the key to his device and shoving her tits in his face. She strokes his cock through the device and then licks it, laughing at him. Of course, the chastity bitch can't feel a thing through his thick plastic cage. "What is a matter, aren't my hands soft enough? Aren't my lips tight enough? Why can't you get hard?" She coos. Then Brittany straddles the bitch and rubs the chastity device against her pussy. Brittany starts riding the slut's chastity device and rubbing her clit against it, bringing her self to orgasm. Brittany cums all over the slut's chastity bound cock. Now, in the after glow of an intense orgasm, She taunts her bitch with the key a little longer, laughing. "At least one of us got to cum." She says and walks away leaving him tied to the bed.




sweet cuckold

Sweet little cuckold movie

Mistress Casey is expecting her new boyfriend for a night of long, hard fucking. Her latest stud is well hung and can please her for hours. She calls her sissy cuckold in and puts him on his knees. Casey cannot resist being cruel in this way. She instructs her sissy cuckold to smell her pussy. "The next time you smell my pussy your will be eating my new boyfriend's cum out of it." She tells the cuck. Then she brings in her new lover. She fucks him long and hard right over the dining room table the cuckold has just polished. Casey is not only getting off on her stud's huge cock. She is turned on by the fact that her sissy cuck is made to watch. She loves it. Casey's stud shoots a huge load of cum all over her pussy. She smiles and calls in her cuckold husband to clean her up. Casey watches as her cuck licks her clean. "My pussy isn't all that needs cleaning." She tells her faithful slave. "There is some cum on my ass Lick it all off." When her cuck's mouth is full of her lover's cum, Casey dismisses her slave to clean the house. She dangles her high heel in excitement and calls a girfriend to tell her about all of the fun she had tonight.




cum face cuckold

Cum face cuckold movie

Kitty invites her lover in to fuck her as her cuckold kneels by with a tray of drinks. Kitty fucks her studs hard cock long and hard. "Remember when you used to fuck women?" She says to her cuckold husband. "Those days are gone." After Kitty's fuck has made her cum several times over, she dangles the cum filled condom over her cucks face. "Smell my pussy. Go ahead. Can you smell it on this condom?" Then she dribbles the cum all over the cuck's face and in his mouth. She torments her cuckold, enjoying his humilation. She spits into her martini and then pours it on the cuck's head. As the cum and spit are dripping off the cuck's face, Kittly says, "Look at what you have become!"




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hard time in chastity

Hard time in chastity movie

Brianna's chastity slave has been cock locked for 60 days. Brianna and Lexi bring him into their bedroom and tell him they may let him out of chastity. They tease and torment him with their beautiful bodies. They even go so far as to put the key in the lock. The chastity slut is so close to getting out he can feel it.Briana and Lexi are cruel. Just when the poor slave thinks things are going to turn his way they deny his much needed relief. What is another 60 days, anyway?




balls licking cuckold

Balls licking cuckold movie

Ashley has turned her husband into a chastised cuckold. She has him on his knees in their bedroom so that he can meet her new lover. Ashley shows her cuckold her lover's big cock. Then she holds up his tiny chastised dick. How could her cuckold husband ever think he could keep her satisfied. Ashley demands that her subby hubby lick her lover's balls. She enjoys being cruel. "Now ask this stud to fuck your wife!" She demands.




double stuffed cuckold

Double stuffed cuckold movie

Ashley is going to put her cuckold to the test. Can he keep her amused? She bends him over and fucks him in the ass as he is made to suck her boyfriend's cock. Ashley enjoys pumping her cuckold full of dick as she watches him deep throat her boyfriends dick. The stud blows a huge load all over the cuck's face. Ashley demands that he struggle to lick every drop of cum off his face. Then she keeps right on fucking him in ass. "How does it feel to have my boyfriend's cum dripping down your face as I pump eight inches of dick into your ass?" Ashley's cuckold husband is certain to remember his place in her life after this experience.




lesbian cuckold

Lesbian cuckold movie

McKenzie's husband has become a complete bore in bed. McKenzie has dealt with this by putting him into chastity. She has told him that it is a cock cage or the door for him. In a streak of pure cruelty she has a girlfriend over to fuck her while he watches. Eden uses the chastity cuck's mouth to lube her strap on and they fucks his girlfriend. "Are you close enough to smell her pussy?" Eden asks, laughing, "You won't be fucking anyone's pussy every again." McKenzie's laughs as the chastity key bounces off her tits. Her husband will be locked up forever while she enjoys a full sex life. After Eden has made McKenzie cum several times she shoves the strap on cock back into the husband's mouth and makes him lick the dildo clean. Then she rubs her finger under the chastity cuckold's nose."You can smell her pussy all day long and think about what you will never have again!"




ruined orgasm

Ruined orgasm for cuckold movie

Eden takes out her cuckold husband. "Cum is selling like crazy these days. It's time to milk you again. I stand to make a lot of money so don't disappoint me. " She tells to her milking bitch. She threatens to castrate him if he doesn't produce quickly. She tells him of her plans to hang his useless cock and balls on her wall. She forces him to blow his load. Instead of collecting his filth, she grabs his balls and yanks down HARD! The bitch yells in agony. Eden laughs and tells the bitch that her only intention was to ruin his orgasm.




obedient cuckold

Obedient cuckold movie

Eden reminds her cuckold of his place. "You'll never get to fuck me again. All your good for is lubing up my hot stud's cock, and cleaning up his mess. It is your job now. She forces her cuckold husband to watch closely as she gets fucked long and hard by her new lover's huge cock. Eden's stud pulls his cock out of her pussy and shoves it into her cuck's mouth. "Can you taste my pussy juices? Lube that cock up. " Then Eden fucks her lover and cums hard all over his cock. Her pussy juicy drips down onto her eager cuck's face. Then her stud blows his load all over her pussy and her well trained cuckold licks up every last drop. Eden enjoys watching her cuckold husband lick up her lover's cum.




desperate cuckold

Desperate cuckold movie

Shay has come home from a night on the town. Her desperate husband meets her at the door. He fears he is on the way out and willing to do anything to stay with her. Shay pulls a cum filled condom out of her purse. "I saved this just for you." Shay explains to her pathetic cuckold husband that real men cum hard and in large amounts. She dangles the chastity key over his face. After a month in chastity has he saved up enough cum to compete? Probably not. Shay knows her desperate cuckold is not even in the same league. Still, she will give him a chance. She instructs him to jerk off in a condom. She wants to compare volume. Even after all of this time in chastity, the bitch can only produce driplets of cum. Shay is almost pleased. She loves humiliating her husband. She dumps the condom from her lover onto her cuckold's face and laughs.




make her cum

Make her cum movie

Mistress Heidi has become aroused from whipping her husband. She puts the bitch on his knees and tells him to smell her pussy. "Do you see how wet whipping you has made me?" She demands that the bitch lick her pussy until she comes. Goddess Deanna begins whipping the slave. "Make her cum bitch." Heidi is in ecstasy watching the slave husband get whipped as he eats her pussy. She grabs the bitch by the back of the head. "You won't be finished until my juices are running down your throat!"




she spanks her husband

She spanks her husband

Heidi is fed up with her husband's behavior. She brings out her thick wooden paddle. "How many women do you think have to spank their husbands?" She asks. She delivers a long hard spanking to her husband's bare bottom. Heidi pulls him over onto her knee and spanks him even harder. She tries to cover his bottom with her hand, she holds his hands still. Heidi does not stop until she has blistered her husband's ass. Then she demands that he thank her for the spanking and to be happy when she gets fucked by her lovers.




natural born sadist

Natural born sadist movie

Mistress Megan firmly believes that her cuckold husband exist solely for her amusement and pleasure. She is in a particularly sadistic mood today. She has her slave husband strung up by his wrists and his mouth duct taped. She tells the bitch on no uncertain terms that his sole purpose in life is to suffer for her pleasure. Then Megan lays into the male bitch's flesh hard and heavy with her whip. Megan administers a hardcore whipping. She enjoys every cruel moment of making her husband suffer.






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